The relationships developed through a single great customer service experience not only can help deliver a sale, but it can also create a loyal customer that ensures repeat sales for years to come. Plus, with the state of the social and digital age, one incredible customer experience can immediately translate to thousands more. That’s why proper customer service training can help deliver a long-term increase in sales and customer loyalty.

Our SERVICE LEAP program is ideal for all customer service professionals, managers, and all specialists responsible for building and sustaining the company’s reputation for customer service excellence as well as marketing professionals looking to gain and maintain a compelling strategic edge.

The program will help to:

    • Access customer service attitudes and set goals
    • Make heroes out of your frontline service people
    • Amaze customers with every interaction
    • Build rewarding customer relationships

The Service Leap programs are designed for 1 or 2 days based on the client’s need. The programs are designed keeping in mind the focus is on the application and thus is 40-60% experiential in nature. The skill practice is done through role-plays, case studies, videos, and post-course assignments.

The interventions under the Service Leap program can be of the following topics:

    • Service Attitude
    • Proactively Taking Responsibility / Ownership
    • EQ & Customer Service
    • Building Trust
    • Time Management
    • Cross Sell / Up Sell
    • Objection Handling
    • Negotiation for Win-Win
    • Accuracy, Responsiveness, and Timeliness (“ART”)
    • Observing, Questioning & Listening, Confirming Understanding, Providing Feedback
    • Creating Rapport
    • Personality Type Alignment
    • Communication in Virtual World
    • Understanding Dissatisfaction (Implied/Explicit)
    • Anger Triggers
    • Reasons of Service Gaps
    • Taking Ownership
    • Talking to Heart first